You Love Wine, but does Your Waistline

10 Nov

How many of you gladiators run to your local spirits store on Thursdays to grab a bottle of red wine in preparation to watch Olivia Pope dominate the city of DC? As an active member of the gladiators, I am guilty of indulging in a generous serving of Pinot Noir and taking even bigger sips when something breathtaking happens. I can’t recant too many episodes that don’t show Olivia finishing off a large serving of wine, and depending on the episode, a whole bottle.


I even had a friend give me a call last week saying “what red wine do you recommend?” … I’m wanting to feel like Olivia Pope tonight!” While I thought this was hilarious it made me realize that this newly developed wine culture has really impacted not only the type of wine, but how much wine women are consuming.

I’m pouring a glass of wine as soon as I get home!


Many ladies  can attest to saying this at least twice a week, and saying it proud might I add. Research suggest there has been a surge in women drinking wine within the past 5 years.

Wine consumption has become “socially glamorous” and more women are sipping toward the idea of being chic with a glass of wine in hand! The Martini has taken a back seat as the cliche ladies night beverage. A bottle, or two, has become the staple drink for any girls night. So much so that whenever one of my girlfriends come over, I usually offer wine before any other beverage!

It’s almost hard for one to not like wine, it’s as if there is a new found culture for wine lovers, and I myself LOVE this culture. There has been an increase of wine trinkets being sold and more home decor inspired by this culture of wine lovers.

(Top picture a current painting of mine.. Bottom picture one I will be ordering with my name instead of the artists name)

(Wine bottles turned into a very chic light fixture. You could buy empty bottles, but what fun is that when you can just used “recycled” bottles!)

So how does your love of wine tie into your waistline you may ask? Allow me to recap the past 5wks of my life.

After consistently drinking a glass or two of wine every other night, I realized I needed to cut back because I was spending more money than necessary on wine. This also had something to do with my boyfriend bringing that to my attention…. Ok it had EVERYTHING to do with him bringing that to my attention😄

But with that being said I laid off on the wine and actually didn’t realize I’d gone a few weeks without one glass.
It was around the same time I noticed myself getting a bit smaller. After me noticing it and getting a few comments from coworkers I decided to take the plunge and do what many women nervously anticipate taking. That plunge was going into my closet and trying on the size 6 pants that were in the back of my closet. After I was done choking from the dust that had accumulated on the pants, I took a deep breath and WALLAH they fit!
You couldn’t tell me a damn thing. Still receiving a few more comments on if I’d lost weight ; I began to think about what was I doing differently. Once again my boyfriend offers his two cents and says “it’s because you haven’t been drinking wine.”

As I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that he was right. 😖
The rumor that a glass of wine is good for you applies directly to your heart. It mentions nothing about calories and carbs that you consume when drinking wine …especially if you indulge in more than one glass every night.

I’ve since reduced my wine intake drastically because I love looking fine more than I love wine!

Do you think wine impacts your waistline? Please share!

xox, Brittney Chic


Makeup Review!!

12 Oct

In the peak of the summer (going into fall), it’s easy to find yourself having to touch up your makeup or wishing you didn’t have to wear any at all! The latter wish applies to me. It’s so hot and humid where I live that have recently found myself going out with no makeup, or lip gloss and mascara at the most. I am confident enough to go bare face and it not bother me at all, but sometimes I still wish for a light and natural looking makeup regimen.

If you find yourself in the same predicament, below I have pictures of the products I find to be absolutely helpful!

MAC Mineralize Foundation and the Mineralize SkinFinish are a perfect combination. The foundation is so light but provides excellent coverage and the skin finish add a bit of color back to your face almost as a bronzer.




What products do you find most helpful when you opt for the more natural look? Comment below!!

Brittney Chic

Shoe Review: Christian Louboutin So Kate

30 Aug

The first video blog and it’s a review on the highly popular Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps!

The So Kate’s are the classic point toe stiletto that has taken the popularity place of the Louboutin Pigalle.

I decided to do a video blog on this one since I was so excited words wouldn’t come across just from you guys reading it!!
I did want to post a few pictures of the shoes! Check out this eye candy!


Aren’t they gorgeous!
To watch my live review of the shoes click the Link👉

xox, Brittney Chic

10 Reasons Men Hate Your BFF!

20 Jul

Great and funny read! Here are the top reasons directly from a guy. Chic readers…. I think this calls for a spin-off on why women hate our boyfriend/husband’s BFF!

Active Wear: does it effect your exercise performance

19 Jul

We all see the women in the active wear commercials and print advertisement; you know the woman that’s in perfect shape, working out and looks happy doing it! I call bullshit! She’s usually in a sports bra with matching shorts or capri pants, completing the look with gym shoes that compliment her outfit. She looks fit and put together…so much so, it kind of inspires you to want to get in the gym and work out, BUT not before you rush out and but some new work out gear!

(Taking selfies while shopping for active wear!)

Long gone are the days where most women wore a baggy t-shirt and raggedy sweat pants to the gym. Today’s active women take pride in their active wear wardrobe and want to look presentable even while exercising. Active wear comes in colors and style options are endless. Since I’m a firm believer in dressing for the occasion, I’m very guilty of going overboard when it comes to purchasing athletic clothing.

(A few pictures of my active wear wardrobe)

Those that exercise on a regular can attest to the fact how proper workout clothing plays a significant role in your overall workout performance. Outside from the famous line “when you look good, you feel good”. Have you ever gone for a run without wearing a sports bra? Not only is there a lot of “movement” going on, this can actually be painful (especially for bustier women). Or what about the time you wore cotton sweat pants to the gym and experience a burning chaffing feeling. The reason being is, certain fabrics are not conducive to sweat and the friction that goes on during a workout. This will ultimately effect your performance thus impacting your exercise results.

The athletic wear industry has doubled in revenue in the past 10years. One could actually say the industry may be a bit saturated. It’s virtually impossible to go in any clothing store without seeing a “Sportswear” section. From companies such as; BEBE, Express, Victorias Secret to designer Stella McCartney, all of them have taken a slice of the athletic pie( which can be expensive might I add)! Who can blame them with our get fit crazed society. It’s not only those wanting to get fit that go out and splurge on sport clothing, even those that don’t have an intention on ever doing a crunch, let alone going to the gym will happily sport the athletic gear because it has strangely become a fashion statement to strut around looking sporty and chic.

Is the price of active wear really worth it?
My answer is yes and no! Spending money on tank tops can done to a minimum, if you’re not wearing the shirt for some sort of support of compression, consider spending less in that category! Paying a few extra bucks on your foundation garments is essential, so bras and shoes are definitely something to invest in.

Get out and grab you a nice active-wear outfit and go sweat some glitter!!


xox, Brittney Chic